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About Us

Clear insight leads to great foresight. When you have an accurate picture of your business, you can act smarter and plan better. Data is essential for success.

At Eyeful, we help businesses of all kinds turn their data into a lucrative asset. After learning about your data goals, we tailor our services to tackle your unique challenges. We become partners in your growth.

We help our clients do everything from harness the speed of the cloud to beautifully visualize their data. We know how to apply fast, effective analytics to take your business to the next level.

Go from guessing to measuring with us.

Based in Brooklyn, NYC, we are a woman and minority-owned agency.

Win Big with Your Data

Eyeful can drastically reduce your team’s time to insight and make way for a data-driven culture.

Here are some data feats we pull off for our clients:

  • Consolidate multiple data sets into 1 single source of truth.

  • Slash query and load times by 99% — accelerating performance from minutes to seconds.

  • Cut data storage and processing fees by more than 35%.

  • Centralize all essential KPIs into 1 main dashboard.

  • Multiply employee access to data by 10x.

  • Save analysts upwards of 10 hours per week with automation.

You Can Count on Us

Dedicated Experts

We extend internal teams with focused, highly skilled talent.

extremely Accessible

We give prompt support over email and instant messaging.

Committed Partners

We work closely with clients and forge lasting relationships.

Long-Term Vision

We develop cost-saving solutions that scale with you as you grow.

Uncover Hidden Opportunities

Maximize the value of your data with Eyeful.